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Screw & Barrel in Delhi

HK Industries is the most preferred destination in India,we are dealing in the plastic recycling machine manufacturing industry for over four decades and truly understand the significance of screw barrels in that industry. Such insights and expertise have made us one of the leading Screw barrel manufacturers in Delhi

Durable and Affordable Single/Twin Screw Barrel

Screw barrels are the crucial components in extruders and extrusion is a common process in plastic recycling processes. It can be said that the efficiency of these products can affect the quality of the end products because products are only as fine as the machines that produce them. Therefore, utilize only durable and reliable screw barrels for great results.

Distinguished Suppliers of Single/Twin Screw Barrel in India

If you are dealing in the plastic recycling industry, you will certainly need screw barrels at certain times to maintain the productivity and quality of your plastic materials. We're a leading Twin Screw Barrel Suppliers and  Single Screw Barrel Suppliers in India. We welcome you to Invest only in long-lasting and cost-effective. Avail them only from HK Industries, a distinguished name among the Twin and Single Screw Barrel Suppliers in India.

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